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We perform our services as contractors based on the following terms which prevail over the General Terms and Conditions for Contracts for Lawyers resolved by the Austrian Bar Council:

The contractor´s liability from or in connection with any activities due to this power of attorney – independent of the degree of fault – shall be limited to twice the amount the contractor has received as a fee from activities due to the power of attorney within the past 24 months before the time of the (first) occurrence of the damage, plus any amounts due at that time and paid subsequently, but never less than the minimum amount of third party liability stipulated in the Lawyers´s Code (RAO) and shall always, that is even if due to the fee paid or for any other reasons the amount were higher, be limited to the maximum amount that is covered by the professional third party liability insurance of the contractor´s and that is covered in that special case. The contractor shall be obliged to keep up these insurances during the whole period of service at least to an extent that existed at the time of granting of the power of attorney.

Any obligations from or in connection with this power of attorney, especially the obligation to pay the fee, have to be fulfilled at the contractor´s seat; for any disputes arising from or in connection with this power of attorney, the activities developed by the contractor within the framework thereof and the resulting claims concerning fees and other rights the exclusive venue shall be the competent court at the contractor´s seat (1010 Vienna – Inner City), only in case of lack of enforceability of decisions of this court claims can also be enforced at another venue. Only Austrian law shall apply to this power of attorney and all legal relationships between me (us) and the contractor, references forward are excluded.